Inspiration: great work wear style

Hey there ladies!

It’s Sunday,outside it’s a beautiful weather and I’m already thinking about the ouftit for tomorrow morning. I’m almost 24, and I enjoy showing my professionalism in my style from time to time. Especially when I have an important visit coming up. My own version of professional style generally ends up somewhere in the more comfortable/casual regions.

If you lack inspiration for your next outfits, this is the perfect place to find it. These combinations are perfect for the office or even for a dinner.

1. Black cropped pants – the type of pants that you can wear over and over again.




2. The Classic White Shirt – A classic item for every capsule wardrobe, as I suggest in this list, is the classic white button-up shirt. From fitted to loose, traditional or long, this collared, chic separate pairs perfectly for casual or more professional settings.





3. Blazers . Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you use most of the time to make stylish outfits? I do, and that’s the blazer. The blazer is great for creating outfits for all seasons.




4.High heels – To be honest, heels are not comfortable but they give you such a business style.




*Pinterest Photos

Kisses for you & have an awesome weekend!

Denisa S


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